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Paddle Mixer will Replace Ribbon Blender for Mixing Dry Mortar

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Do you manufacture controls for your mixers?2021-10-18T15:42:51+08:00

Yes,  We can supply simple stand alone panels or automated PLC controlled systems. We normally install and test all controls on our mixers before they are shipped.

Is the your mixer machine easy to install?2021-10-18T15:40:34+08:00

Yes, we normally test the mixers before they are shipped and mark out the wire need to connect on the control box.

What types of mixing equipment does the company specialize in?2021-10-18T15:36:40+08:00

We manufacture specialty mixing equipment for powder & bulk materials. Included are ribbon blender, plough mixer, conical screw mixer, twin shaft paddle mixer, V blender, double cone blender and other auxiliary equipment such as screw conveyor, quantitive auger filler.

Do you sell to our country?2021-10-18T15:31:19+08:00

We sell across the world, our cusotmers distribute 5 continents.

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Paddle Mixer will Replace Ribbon Blender for Mixing Dry Mortar


Dry Mortar is one of the biggest industry in China and other countries because it plays an very important role in building area. There are thousands and hundreds of new office buildings, house apartments and infrastructures will be built every year in China. So, the dry mortar as a key part of building material which has very high demand. High efficiency mixer is very important for dry mortar product line because of it’s large capacity and automatic systems. Choosing a right and suitable mixer has been a popular topic recent years.

In America including North and South America countries, there are many customers prefer using ribbon blender to mix dry mortar product. However, it has some disadvantages of ribbon blender as below:

Mixing Speed:

Almost 90% dry mortar product line is automatic system which requires short batch time and hope to finish more batches as many as possible. Due to ribbon mixer is a kind of mild mixing one, the batch time is around 5-8 mins in general. Through Vortex Mixing Technology analysis, we design paddles to replace ribbon because the mixing action is more fast and strong. The paddle can be replacable easily and could be high wear resistance. According to our experience, one twin shafts paddle mixer can finish one batch mixing within 3 mins and discharge within 1 min.

Wear Resistance:

The material of ribbon is not hard enough to mixing sand. Generally speaking, the life of ribbon shaft is around 2 years but paddles can be used for more than 3 years. 2Cr13 is a kind of very high wear resistance material like Hardox used for paddles. Furthermore, the paddles can be replaced if broken but ribbon is hard to change in the future.


Vortex Mixing Technology develop pneumatic bomb-bay discharge valve which can fully unload finished product fast within 1 min according to flow ability of product but ribbon blender is slow speed to discharge. Furthermore, there will be little residues inside paddle mixer because the size of bomb-bay valve is much bigger than ordinary valve.

In 2014, a Colombia customer want to use ribbon blender for their dry mortar product at first but after our explanation and trial test, the customer finally decided to buy paddle mixer for their PLC product line. After that customer finished installation and commissioning, the plant manager Mr. Alonso replied to us that our paddle mixer helps them to increase product line’s efficiency from 5 batches per hour to 8-9 batches per hour. Their company will design two more similar lines to meet their country’s market.

Ribbon Blender is a good mixer for food industry but not good for high density and high abrasiveness product like sand and cement. So, our company introduce paddle mixer to dry mortar clients and help them to lift their business.

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