The Vortex Way

Diligent design, precision fabrication, and continuous innovation make Vortex to be the first choice by end customers.

People Matter

We provide a pleasant & comfortable working environment

Quality Product

We insist to supply good quality mixers to customers worldwide, and thus our return customer is increasing every year.

Core Hiring Principles

We are finding candidates who is a cultural fit for Vortex company,  focusing our hiring approach around Vortex company value. 

Profit Share

Our Staff members all benefit from equity stakes in Vortex Mixer by default as a part of their employment contract. We believe in a happy and rewarded workforce.

Our employees have the option of an annual dividend paid in cash, or the equivalent value to be paid in more stock from the company.


We understand that some employers make having children and pursuing your career difficult. Not here at Vortex Mixer. We offer comprehensive childcare packages.

We don’t charge a penny or make any salary deductions for on-premise childcare for our employees. Raising a family can be hard enough without an additional financial burden.


We want you to be the best you possible. If there's something you want to learn, we'll fund and facilitate your education completely to give you the best prospects.

We would rather hire internally than externally, so bettering our employees if they desire something more comes at no cost, and we integrate it into their working day.

Our Core Values

Our core value is to supply Good Quality mixing machine with Economic Price and provide Timely Service.

  • People Over Profits

  • Constantly Strive for Quality

  • Provide Timely Service

  • Keep Economic Price

  • Work Smart

  • Always Be Available

  • Work With You

  • Be The Best

  • Transparent Financials

  • Always an Honest Answer


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