Drying is defined by reducing moisture from solid material through heating process and moisture will be evaporated. The process of drying is from liquid to paste to free flowing solid.

The drying mixer consists of cylinder drum, shovel agitator and heating jacket. The material is heated by jacket and will be evaporated through high temperature heating. A horizontal shaft of the dryer drum is designed with shovels for mixing the drying product according to the fluid bed principle. This ensures that the product is heated thoroughly and moist material is brought continuously in contact with the heated wall. At the stage of paste, the material will be high viscosity and intensity movement increased. So, the power drive of dryer should be designed strong enough. At the final stage, the material will be dry and free flowing with light intensity. Chopper is helpful for heating transfer and increase the drying speed. As for heating medium of jacket, it can be steam, hot water or circulated hot oil. Generally speaking, vacuum drying is a best way to dry the material through heat jacket and extract vapor during drying process, which can fasten drying speed and get good result.

Regarding drying mixer, we must pay highly attention to careful design, seal part and precision fabrication. We must get know-how of pressure inside mixer drum and also heating jacket. Suitable design and understanding of process is very important for us to provide a best and right solution to customers. Generally, ploughshare mixer, ribbon blender, conical screw mixer and vertical ribbon mixer is suitable for drying system.